Monday Minutes: Starting the Top Knot Business

Monday Minutes: Starting the Top Knot Business

Nicole Di Tomasso

Many women who wear baseball caps are constantly bothered by their hair clinging to the back of their necks while doing an intense workout, lounging on the beach, playing a sport, or going on a hike. If only there was a cap that allows women to wear their hair high while also providing sun protection and sweat absorption…right?

Tori Lord created exactly what you are looking for — Top Knot. 

Tori has spent the last few years creating a baseball cap that accommodates a variety of hair styles and textures. The magnetic closure isn’t harsh on your hair and still allows you to wear your hair down becoming a full back closure. Tori’s determination and persistence granted a new wave of retail. 

Check out the video to hear more about Tori’s development of Top Knot, the first hat made for women.