Monday Minutes: Travel

Monday Minutes: Travel

Nicole Di Tomasso

Traveling, either alone or with friends, is the best way to challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and invites you to experience life in new ways. Travel is so much more than simply checking off places and basking in the sun. It’s about growth, discovery, maturity, fulfilment, and adventure.

Traveling allows you to delve into many different aspects of culture. Letting yourself get lost, meeting new people, and trying new food is all part of a journey that ultimately grants you the ability to discover yourself.

At Top Knot, we encourage and feature unique places to visit on our Travel Thursdays posts. We aim to highlight locations that aren’t your typical beach resort spots. It’s worth exploring places you would never think about going to. 

Check out our video to hear about why travel is so important to the TK Crew. Where you do want to travel next?